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turned the yoga, pilates and physio world 
on its head in Europe.

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  •  I get pain from sitting too much
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  • ​I need to get into better shape and want more energy daily
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Why this Method?
CANTIENICA® founder Benita Cantieni and Prevention Coach Andrea Alf will give you an introduction to the training method.
Learn why CANTIENICA® has helped thousands with back, neck, pelvic floor, and knee problems. 
#2 Tip for Body Transformation
What's the #2 thing you should do when it comes to a healthy body-transformation and posture? Find out by watching the video. 
About Benita Cantieni

Benita Cantieni, born 1950, lives in Zürich and is the founder of CANTIENICA® – Method for Bodyform & Posture.
Being diagnosed with a severe scoliosis, Scheuermann’s disease, arthrosis in her hip joint and a fracture of her sacrum, she already had to undergo regular therapy in her youth. She was excluded from sports and, in addition, lived on painkillers. 

Forced by her own handicaps, she started to study anatomy in order to fully understand her physical weaknesses. 

Today, her previously scoliotic spine is perfectly straight, she is free of pain, her body loves to move and exercise. The new posture made her grow by two inches and her formerly tortured body changed its shape tremendously. 

Cantieni began to teach her findings to interested men and women and finally developed her anatomy-based CANTIENICA® – Method for Bodyform & Posture. 
A former journalist and author, Benita Cantieni published her own story as a book that became a bestseller in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. 

To this day, she published 28 books (more than 1 Million sold), several DVD and Audio-CD in German and she taught more than 220 CANTIENICA® Certification Courses with about 3,000 trainees.

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